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Sparkling wine

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Sparkling wine is the name given to the wine made with 2 fermentations, usually a normal one as any other type of wine and a second fermentation in the bottle provoking that bubbles remain in the bottle with or without added sugar.
Sparkling wine produced by this method is called Champenoise, although there are other alternative methods such as completing the second fermentation in the tank or insert the bubbles of carbon dioxide.

Sparkling wine is a name that includes Champagne, Cava and other sparkling like spumante, prosecco,... The basic difference between them is the processing area, like Champagne that can only be develop in the region with the same name, in France, and Cava cellars only eligible under the name of Spanish origin with the same name. The prosecco is typical in Italy.

Sparkling wines are classified in two ways: the aging time, Reserve, Grand Reserve, as well as the sweetess, Semi Dry, Dry, Brut, Brut Nature. In this case the semi-dry sparkling wine is the sweetest, Brut Nature the less sweet, usually made with the residual sugar and without adding more.

A sparkling wine can be made with wines from different vintages, added before the second fermentation, to get sparkling rosé, or certain flavors. If wines are made of a single vintage is called Cuvée. It usually gets a good quality sparkling wine.
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