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Tormore (Whiskey)

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Tormore 16 Ans

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A whiskey to the old gold color to orange copper highlights. The nose is heady, farm. It goes immediately to the essential, that is to say, malted barley, heather honey, candied fruit (peach, apricot), exotic (kiwi, cumbava). The set is a remarkable fullness. Vanilla ice cream and coconut come in as and cover with a white film olfactory palette. The mouth is both delicate and exuberant. Exotic fruits (mango, passion) suddenly invade the palace. Once past this introduction that the nose does not necessarily announced she displayed a stunning salt balance. Lactic, it extends on milk chocolate notes, fresh nuts and vanilla. At As, a beautiful bitter fruit (peach skin) coats the palate. The finish is long, tense. Its spicy register was set up. Black pepper, fresh ginger and cloves are there to testify. She barely softens and then offers to enjoy some fresh fruit (pineapple, ripe apple). The palate is greedy (calisson Aix) and the empty glass is earthy and country (dandelion, daisy).

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