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Lagavulin Distillery (Whiskey)

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Lagavulin Distillers Edition 1997

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Manufacturer / distributor Lagavulin / Diageo Islay origin / South Shore / Port Ellen on the southeast coast of the island. The lake has formed everything here. A narrow fringe of slate and hornblende forms a coastal strip of the overlying quartzite hills and brings Lagavulin as its romantic bay and the island of Texa. Islay distillery is mainly peat. Meilenweit the peat bogs extend to the west of the island and provide the raw material, the so strongly influenced the character of the south-east Islay malts. And Lagavulin is probably the best known among them. Lagavulin plenty of peaty water flows in Brown Burn down from the mountains above the hole Solan distillery. Although Lagavulin shares its coastline with two neighboring distilleries, the then owner Peter Mackie made every effort to be able to use the water exclusively. The access rights to the water and the surrounding land were then hotly contested and Mackie's perseverance secured Lagavulin this legacy. The barley is distilled from the Lagavulin, is malted in nearby Port Ellen and has a strong smell of peat - it is about twenty times more exposed to peat smoke as Cragganmore, a typical Speyside. The fermentation of barley is a slow process. Between 55 and 75 hours, are the malted barley, so that a full peaty flavor develops. The four stills in Lagavulin, two pear-shaped, acquired in Malt Mill style, take on the peaty word (Wort) and give him all the time and care it deserves. Following the initial practice experiences Lagavulin Islay malts all the slowest distillation for about five hours for the first distillation, and more than nine hours for the second is the norm here. This lengthy procedure is according to many the reason for Lagavulin characteristic roundness and soft, soft edges that are so appreciated by his followers. There is no hurry on Islay, even at Lagavulin. Before he goes into the bottle, spends the Malt sixteen unhurried years in mostly refilled European oak casks in the traditional white-painted warehouses on the seashore. There, the Malt breathes the salty sea air of Islay. Long fermentation time, slow distillation and long maturation time, everything will ensure that Lagavulin developed its unique character together. A spirit that takes its time. The definitive Islay malt no more and no less welcome. Description color from dark red amber. On the nose clearly peat smoke, heavy, vanilla notes, some phenol and sherry sweetness. Full, rich body. On the tongue again sherry sweetness with massive peat and some oak and traces of salt is dry, long and powerful in the mouth. Long-lasting, round and smooth finish.

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