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Jameson (Whiskey)

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Jameson Irish Whiskey Pure Pot Still 15 Years

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Jameson Irish Whiskey pure pot still 15 years old Limited edition Incl. Box contents: 0, 7 liters of 40% vol. With dye delivery time is about 10 days after receipt of information from John Jameson, the company was founded in 1780 in Dublin. In 1966, J. Jameson joined the composite of the last exsistierenden distilleries in Ireland (Powers and Cork Distilleries). It arose from this the Irish Distillers Group. By the year 1971 was still distilled itself. Today the distillery but is operated only to show the purposes for many tourists from all over the world. However, the production takes place in Midleton. In 1988, the spirits group Pernod-Richard took over the entire group of companies. Jameson is considered classic blended whiskey. From the Blend Master the different bottlings are recreated again and again. Different barrels and distillates from different vintages are blended together for this purpose.

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