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Quady Winery (Vermouth)

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Quady Winery Vya Whisper Dry

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- Vermouth is a fortified wine made with botanicals. VYA is a new type of aperitif vermouth, producing an exceedingly pleasant aromatic experience. Fresh and vibrant, VYA wakes up the taste buds.
- Botanicals added to wine can produce a special effect, such as a heightened sensitivity to taste or the sensation of being in a forest or garden or a sense of coolness, warmth or tingling, as in aroma therapy.
- VYA Whisper Dry is a hint of garden herbs in fine wine. Whisper Dry enhances, without overpowering, light flavoured spirits like vodka. Also enjoy Whisper Dry by itself, chilled either straight up or on the rocks.
- For cocktail recipes & ideas visit the Vya website below. .

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