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Excellia Tequila (Tequila)

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Excellia Tequila Añejo

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- Tasting notes: Aged for eighteen months, it shows aromas of dessert wine (sweet and ripe grapes, apricots and pears) with enveloping notes of rancidity, spices and roasted herbs, leather and sandalwood. On the palate it is strong and resounding with intense woody and tannic with fresh spices, pepper and notes of sweet tingly coal. The long finish is gradual and revelatory with balanced tones persistence of cocoa and orchard.
- DETAILS OF PREPARATION: Excellia is a fusion of three regions and different cultures. First, the area of ​​Jalisco, Mexico, where the cones of the blue agave plant obtained fermented and distilled twice in copper stills, following the typical artisan method of the region. And then, the French regions of Sauternes and Cognac, from which the Grand Cru Sauternes barrels and barrels of Cognac in the aging process is terminated meet.
- ALCOHOL: 40º

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