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Château Lagrange (Saint-Julien)

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Château Lagrange 2015

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2015 - Non contractual picture. The color of this great Saint-Julien is dark with purple hues. The nose is very aromatic with elegant notes of black fruits, fine woody with a fade and discreet toasted. The attack, fleshy and large, still very elegant supported by ripe, velvety tannins. The finish is long range by racy Cabernet Sauvignon. A complete wine, complex and harmonious with strong aging potential: 2022 - 2040. Area Château Lagrange: The Château Lagrange is known in the Middle Ages under the name of noble house Lagrange Monteil and found traces of the various owners since 1631. in 1842, former Interior Minister of King Louis-Philippe, Count Duchâtel, marks both the property and the Médoc being the initiator of the drainage of the vines. It was the heyday of Lagrange in 1855 sees the rankings assign 3rd Cru position. The early 20th century is much less glorious as economic conditions deteriorate. Despite several changes of ownership, crops fail and low quality. Fragmentation is necessary because of this mess: 280 hectares in 1840, the field was reduced to 157 hectares when the Japanese group Suntory bought it in December 1983 to Cendoya family who owned it since 1925. Familiar with the world of wine and leader beverages in Japan, Suntory brings capital for the spectacular renovation of the field. Marcel Ducasse recruited for this purpose, headed from 1984 to 2007 the company successfully, accompanying a deep restructuring of operations. After over twenty years of work, human and technical investments, Lagrange regained its rank and recognition from his peers. In May 2007, Bruno Eynard succeeds Marcel Ducasse in the direction of Lagrange after having attended the technical direction for 17 years.

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