2012 Château Montrose review

Château Montrose (Saint-Estèphe)

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Château Montrose 2012

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The Château Montrose is located in the Saint-Estèphe appellation. The Château Montrose enjoys an enviable location for its wine production. On the one hand it is a vineyard in one piece, fully formed deep bass rather large diameter alongside the slightly clayey sands. On the other hand, overlooking the estuary of the Gironde. The proximity of the water and the tides creates a beneficial microclimate for its red wines, with a direct effect on the complexity of the aromas of the wines of Montrose. Became the second classified growth in 1855, two owners of families have continued the tradition of great quality wines for years: the Charmolue family for three generations, and recently Martin and Olivier Bouygues since 2006.

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