1999 Château Margaux review

Château Margaux (Margaux)

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Château Margaux 1999

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Practically in the same scenario in 1998 was produced 1999: an exceptional good weather in August, followed by the beginning of September that took the grapes at levels almost perfect maturity, after heavy rains in late September that for a few days, prevented the grapes to reach maturity levels of the great vintages and, in 1998, caused a mild solution. This was the case in 1999. Either way, the wines were "almost" great vintages. It is clear that a period of good weather in August is crucial, while rain, even heavy rain during the harvest is not necessarily a disadvantage. Château Margaux 1999 shows great finesse, intensity and aromatic complexity. The nose has a high purity and a high classicism. On the palate, you first delicacy and flexibility, then fat and density before a finish of great length, displaying the true power of wine.

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