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Château Monluc Château Monluc Pousse Rapière

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Château Monluc Pousse Rapière Is a liqueur with Armagnac and orange. It owes its name to the sword, long sword lightly, brought by the Italian wars Monluc and Gascon captains. We will not detail here the details of its preparation for the shoot Rapier recipe is jealously guarded by the family Lassus Castle Monluc. Serving suggestion: Pushes The Rapier can be prepared in several ways cocktail in pastry or just kind with ice. Pushes Rapier Cocktail: In a flute verser- 1 liquor volume grows Rapière- 'slice of orange-6 volumes of Vin Sauvage Brut Monluc. Chocolate mousse Pushes Rapier: For 6 persons- chocolate- 175g 30g beurre- 4 'ufs- 80g of sugar-three tablespoons spoons Grows RapièreFaire melt in a water bath the chocolate and butter. In the warm dough add one by one the young egg, sugar and rapier Grows and whites beaten stiff. Pour into a bowl and refrigerate at least three hours.

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