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Bernau Herbes de L'Urgell (Herbs and spices)

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Pimienta Negra Molida 45Gr

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Black pepper is the most universal spice. Originally from India, he has been responsible for wealth and misery throughout history, not only for its power preservative seasoning but that still enjoy tD.O. ay whenever we slice some sausage. Amid the counties of l? Segarra and Urgell, between land of castles and fountains. Land peasantry. Where farming has been the cradle of our culture and our history. Bernau Herbes de l? Urgell, is the answer to the concerns and dynamism in the implementation of alternative crops to traditional cereal, almond and olive trees of our region. A goD.O. knowledge of the environment, proper equipment and our agricultural experience, has allowed us the cultivation of a wide range of vegetables and aromatic spices for medicinal use. GoD.O. agricultural practices, traceability across the process and a careful respect for our environment allows us to offer a prD.O. uct free of herbicides and pesticides, high quality active ingredients, taste and appearance.

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