Chartreuse Green V.E.P. 1L review

Chartreuse Diffusion (Herbal liquor)

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Chartreuse Verte Vep Bouteille 1L

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Chartreuse is a mythical digestive surrounded secrets today! Indeed only two Carthusian brothers know the complete recipe of the assembly of the 130 plants and flowers that compose it. It is known that plants first undergo a maceration in alcohol before being distilled in copper stills then added sugar and honey. The resulting alcohol is then aged in oak barrels until the decision of the Carthusian brothers of the bottle! Between the yellow and green single doses and when the plants involved vary. The VEP is undergoing an unusually prolonged aging, so the quantity is unfortunately limited! Here bottle 1 liter, it is also available in 50 cl bottle or Jeroboam 3L!

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