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Chartreuse Diffusion (Herbal liquor)

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Chartreuse Grün In Ohk 1L

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VEP Chartreuse green
CONTENTS: 1.0l herb liqueur from up to 130 different herbs (Vieillissement Exceptionnelle Ment Prolongé) Chartreuse green differs from the normal green variant of its extra long aging in oak barrels, through which it gets its special flavor. To no liquor more legends than the Chartreuse, which was first brewed by Carthusian monks in the Alps above Grenoble entwine. According to tradition, the monks are said to have received the secret original recipe of General d Estrees, who served Henry IV. After the revolution of 1789, the monastery broke up, the monks were scattered to the four winds. 1835, after the founding of the monastery, they took the Chartreuse production again. However, the monks took their time because the green Chartreuse is known in its present perfection only since 1735th For the Chartreuse liqueur supposedly 130 different medicinal herbs and Würzpflanzen, such as arnica, angelica or thyme, lemon balm, nutmeg, peppermint, clove, pine bud are among other things requires that originate largely from the wooded mountain range near Grenoble. Also needed for the alcohol wines are planted by the monks themselves. According to legend, to know only three monks of the monastery, which is now Saint-Pierre de Chartreuse is, in each case the recipe. Do You Own Half yearly basis in its head office in France. • Fruit: made of up to 130 different medicinal herbs and plants • Note: strong flavor, intense and kräuterisch • Serve at 18 ° C • French specialty: the monastery Chartreuse The Chartreuse VEP is bottled in a bottle of 1.0 liters with wooden box

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