Barbero Amaro Diesus 75cl review

Barbero (Herbal liquor)

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Barbero Amaro Diesus 75cl

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The Amaro Diesus 75cl comes as an Italian herbal elixir based on a top secret family recipe. This wine aperitive from Barbero, Piemont, convinces and tastes delicious as a wonderful friar bitter since 1960, and it still hasn't changed in its taste. For the production, the maker bets on a complex composition of more than 50 aromatic herbs and plants, as well as selected wines. Some of those plants are gentian, angelic, citrine sandalwood, pigeon, galanga, artichoke, elderberry, chrysanthemum, cape aloe, china calisaya, sage sclare, and cardamom. The bottle represents a typical Franciscan monk and refers to the region's monasteries that have been producing Amaro bitter since the 19th century. Both as a long drink and aperitive, enjoy this Amaro del Frate by Diesus with your friends.

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