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Barber's Gin (Gin)

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Gin Barber's

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Oddly enough, until relatively recently, surgeons and barbers were all one. During the Middle Ages most doctors refused to perform the surgery and milder barbers, seasoned handlers cutting tools, took care of them to become surgeons many of them full of law. Many, in fact, were part of the professional schools of the time.
The office continued paring gullets at the same incisions either practicing for several centuries until sometime circumstances changed and the authorities decided that was enough. In Britain this happened in the middle of the eighteenth century, in 1745, when King George II decided that the two activities should be separated until then joined.
So some stayed in medicine and others in aesthetics, and who stayed on that side retained one of the elements that always accompanied them, alcohol, and more specifically, gin because in addition to disinfect also refreshed and perfumed.
The Barber's gin born with the spirit of those traditional English gins were normal at the time, dry, fresh and without citrus as is so common now that were made with the indispensable juniper -in this reference is a scarce botanical Croat and accompaniment which in this case it consists of Moroccan coriander, thyme Spanish and French angelica root.
As gins then, the Barber's Gin is made entirely by hand, is distilled in copper stills of old and can be enjoyed perfectly alone as a classic tone quality. Soft, balanced, complex, aromatic and with clear predominance of juniper, the style of yesteryear, such as those often not done.

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