Sopa Miso Picante con Algas 40g review

Clearspring (Deli)

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Sopa Miso Picante con Algas 40g

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- A package 40 g spicy soup Misco algae.
PRODUCER: Clearspring.

- The miso used in instant soups Clearspring is freeze-dried instead of dehydration. This method of food preservation is possible because water molecules under conditions suitable food can change in gas directly without passing through a liquid phase. This process, called sublimation, freeze food is under a vacuum, which allows water to evaporate at a very low temperature.
- Freeze dry miso retains an excellent flavor profile, because very little of the sweet flavor is lost during the process. Moreover, along with the microorganisms, most miso medicinal components are also retained, since this type of drying removes water molecules from bioactive compounds without destroying their chemical integrity.

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