2018 Domaine Uby Côtes de Gascogne Gros & Petit Manseng Doux Nº4 review

Domaine Uby (Côtes de Gascogne)

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Domaine Uby Côtes de Gascogne Gros & Petit Manseng Doux Nº4 2018

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Wine UBY Gros & Petit Manseng Sweet Nº4 nose of pineapple and passion fruit. The palate is round and fresh frankly. The finish is clean. He will speak at best as an aperitif, with foie gras, roast camembert or on an exotic fruit tart. Preferences: White Semi-dry, soft and sweet. Serve chilled to 10 ° C. Consume preferably within the year. The Domaine Uby Uby area grows grapes for more than a century on the hills of Gascony, and produces Vins de Pays Côtes de Gascogne among the accepted thought. Its vineyards cover a hundred hectares boulbènes and tawny sands, and has been completely restructured in recent years in a quality target according to the precepts of sustainable agriculture, Veritas certified. The Domaine Uby consists mainly of local white varieties, producing wines of Côtes de Gascogne aromatic, fresh and fruity, typical of this southwestern soil. Other varieties have gradually completed the vines of Domaine Uby to diversify the range of wine. A famous area of ​​South West implanted in one of the last areas where you can find Cistoune turtles (hence the logo). Largest producer of white fresh and fruity wines, typical of the region, the area Uby shows its working regularity quality ever increasing. Today, the area also offers a new range of past wine in oak barrels. The white wines of the Southwest are among the best - value of France. The quality and rigor that are maintained both in the vineyard and in winemaking wines allow today Domaine Uby to be among the most decorated vineyards Côtes de Gascogne. A recognition that confirms the consistent quality of its wines year after year. The wines of Domaine Uby are a feast for the South West wine lover. See all estate's wines Uby

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