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The first step was to find a winemaking location which was accessible, had a suitable climate (high altitude), plenty of space and the right size to enable them to combine traditional Douro winemaking practices with the advances of modern oenology. The place they found was the Quinta da Faísca Winery, in the parish of Favaios, built in 1946. The winery comprised 3 regular treading tanks and one smaller stone tank (on the upper floor) as well as a vertical press. On the lower floor were 14 large wooden casks for ageing of Port Wine and Moscatel. With the aim of setting up a winery that would enable the creation of small lots using different winemaking styles, a few changes were made. Intake of grapes was moved outside the winery, and the treading tanks and vertical press were left in place. On the lower floor, 7 casks of different volumes were remodelled, and 1 vertical press, 3 fermentation vats and 6 storage vats were installed. Oak barrels now rest in the space previously occupied by the remainder of the old casks. From selection to pressing of the grapes, no pumps are used. The layout of the winery over two floors, typical of Douro wineries, allows the wine to be moved using nothing but gravity.

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