Bodegas Mustiguillo

Bodegas Mustiguillo

Ctra. N-330, Km. 196,5
El Terrerazo (ZIP Code 46300)
Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana
(+34) 962 168 260
(+34) 962 168 259

Mustiguillo Winery was acquired by the family Sarrión mid-sixties it was not until 1999 that they decided to make quality wines, for which built the superbly equipped Mustiguillo Wineries.

The farm has 90 hectares of vines planted between 800 and 900 meters, with a predominance of the Bobal variety, but also have tempranillo, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah and grenache sharks.

Toni Sarrión responsible for Bodegas Mustiguillo, viticulture practiced well aware of the land on which it works. So depending on the plot we can find vineyards with trellises driving system with a high leaf area, dry land vineyards, vines trained in glass, etc.

Following these principles bobal Toni has achieved only in the area, grains obtaining half the usual diameter (only twice a cabernet). And it shows in their wines which undoubtedly reflect the variety at its best.

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