Thornbridge Chiron 50cl review

Thornbridge Brewery (Beer)

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Thornbridge Chiron 50cl

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This type of beer Ale give you a very good impression. Indeed, created by Thornbridge brewery in England whose watchwords are passion, innovation competence, enjoy the flavors of this delicious English Ale. The Thornbridge Chiron honors a person of gecque mythology, who lives in Thornbridge Hall. Chiron was a centaur, Savauge character, but also intelligent and cultured. The Thornbridge Chiron has a golden blond color, covered with a big white head of foam. On the nose, the Chiron has an aromatic bouquet of pine, citrus and light spices. In the mouth, there are strong hints of citrus and notes of caramelized malts and bitter notes of grapefruit. Chiron is an English ale full of flavor and refreshing, and also quite bitter flavor with grapefruit

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