Shepherd Neame Generation Ale 75cl review

Shepherd Neame (Beer)

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Shepherd Neame Generation Ale 75cl

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Single edition attention. Indeed, for this Shepherd Neame Generation Ale, the English Shepherd Neame brewery decided to put the dishes in the large. Indeed, no fewer than five different hops were used for the design of the latter: The East Kent Goldings, the Fuggles, the Challenger, the Target and the Cascade. The result is superb, complex and refined. This ale proposes a rather classic dress, the amber and topped with a thin white foam. The nose easily find fruity and spicy flavors, caramel and chocolate slightly. The palate is sweet, slightly bitter. It highlights the candied fruit and hop herbaceous notes. The finish is spicy and has a very good length! Magnificent in its special packaging, Shepherd Neame Generation is as much a collector's item as excellent beer tasting. Strong beer, delicious!

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