Schneider Unser Aventinus Tap 6 50cl review

Brasserie Schneider Weisse (Beer)

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Schneider Unser Aventinus Tap 6 50cl

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Schneider Weisse beer Unser Aventinus Tap 6 is a German Beer Brewery Schneider & Sohn in Bavaria. Specializing in wheat beers (Weissbier), the flagship of this brasserieest Schneider TAP 7 Unser Original, Schneider Weisse Original formerly called because it is made from the same recipe since 1872. In a dark ruby ​​color, foam which is formed in the glass is very fine and imposing, beer, she is very bubbly. It is a high fermentation beer weizendoppelbock type. On the nose, the aromas are very present fruity bananas, plums, apples etc. but we also find wheat malt. Three are used in the brewing of this beer with 60% wheat. His nose is very soft and pleasant but powerful notes, especially cloves. On the palate, alcohol is not what marks the input of mouth, rather it reaches the end. A fruity note persists throughout the tasting but tries to dry on the bottom of the palace. The finish is a caramelized flavor, full-bodied, followed by a final round and sour. Let us two seconds on this type of beer the bottom of this page. A bock beer is a lager brewed in southern Germany in Bavaria with a high alcohol level, which starts from 6%. Unlike the bock beer, Weizenbock beer is a highly fermented beer and is stronger, amber and spicy as the yeast used is different. Finally weizendoppelbock (double dose of wheat) is an even stronger version than Weizenbock. Darker beer, the taste of malt leaves little bitterness. She is very bubbly and has a thick and imposing foam.

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