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Samuel Adam';s Boston';s Lager 355ml

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Malt flavor, slightly sweet with notes of caramel, with a background of spices and hops. The Samuel Adams Boston Lager has a rich balance of flavor and aroma that is characterized by the predominant flavors of malt and hops. Samuel Adams beer is a beer that has flavor and character of an ale and the smoothness of a lager. The color usually indicates the degree of roasting malt: when darker the beer, the more toasted malt. The rich amber color comes from the best malting barley in summer, with a note of caramel malt. It is clear and bright. The head of foam Samuel Adams must be substantial and firm and form a collar around the glass. It should be possible to float over her plate of the bottle! If the glass is clean and free of grease and notice that the foam adheres to the vessel wall. This is what is called "; Belgian lace" and is another indicator of its quality. In developing two of the most exquisite and expensive Bavarian hop varieties are used: the variety Hallertau and Tettnang Tettnanger Mittelfrueh is what gives it that citrus, pine and floral character, from the nose to the end. Every fall, brewers of Samuel Adams handpicked these stylish hops. The serving temperature should be between 8 - 10 º C and accompanying dishes duck or rabbit.

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