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Route Des Épices 341ml

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The Spice Route beer is a beer from the micro brewery God of heaven located in Quebec, Canada. It is a rye beer having a high hop notes instead of the yeast which is less present than in German wheat beers. During brewing, the added peppers, provides most pleasant flavor (this is where the mystery of this beer) but this powerful force. On the palate, despite the presence of pepper, there is a mixture of flavors such as malt, cereals (Reminder rye), notes of fruit and chocolate and caramel (hence its amber color). The foam is very thin and there is a small sparkle finish. The texture is not cumbersome at all, but rather light. In the bottom of mouth, pepper returns but balance with other flavors, giving a balance and allows this pleasant spicy sensation on the tongue but just right. A beer that will delight fans of amazing beers. Although the ingredients can leave perplexed before the tasting, we can only be pleasantly surprised after enjoying the Spice Route.

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