Rosée D'Hibiscus 341ml review

Dieu Du Ciel (Beer)

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Rosée D'Hibiscus 341ml

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A sweet beer Canada. Dew hibiscus is a wheat beer that is intriguing pink color with hibiscus flowers incorporated during mixing. It also takes its name from the unusual ingredient and it is a word play between habil morning dew and the color of this beer. The smells and flavors of this tropical flower stand out in this beer, giving it a slight acidity and a very pleasant fragrance. Indeed, hibiscus strong spring in the nose and palate and goes great with the scents of malt and hops. Dew hibiscus is a refreshing beer, perfect for your hot summer days! This beer was awarded a gold medal (fifth place amongst 10 gold medals) in the competition with MBeer jury of the Montreal World Beer 2007 and a silver medal in the competition of the great price Public Montreal World of Beer, 2008.

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