Port Brewing High Tide Fresh Hop Ipa 66cl review

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Port Brewing High Tide Fresh Hop Ipa 66cl

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Port Brewing IPA brewed by the High Tide Fresh Hop IPA should not delay a lot to talk about it in France. Hoppy bareback from Centennial and Simcoe hops freshly picked, this beer is the perfect illustration of a season in the American IPA. Slightly orange dress blond, thick persistent white foam. . . So far this American beer does not revolutionize the genre. On the nose the other hand, the aromas of pine, grapefruit and orange literally explode and leave you speechless. In the mouth, the situation is just as pleasant with dry flavors on fishing and citrus, leading directly to the taster long bitter end. A complete success and a near-perfect performance. If it is with this kind of beer that we realize the importance of using fresh hops, do not forget that the brewery also offers Port Brewing Old Viscosity, an Imperial Stout other!

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