Page 24 Reserve Hildegarde Ambrée review

Brasserie Saint Germain (Beer)

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Page 24 Reserve Hildegarde Ambrée

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Beer Page 24 Réserve Hildegarde Amber Amber is a real beer brewed in the North. This beer meets the specifications of regional collective approach "Flavors of gold." For its production only of hops and malted barley Flanders in the region are used. It is flavor label holder gold She, moreover, been several times medalist at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris in 2007 and 2009. This Page 24 Hildegarde Amber reserve present in the glass a dark orange robe who is covered with a large white headdress and persistent foam. It offers the nose fruity and very balanced aromas. Of hoppy aromas are detected lemon and citrus are accompanied by roasted malted touches evoking the grain and caramel. Slight peppery and spicy notes are also noticeable. On the palate, we find a beer with amazing harmony and surprising flavors. In a round body with toasted malt flavors appear the fruity flavors of brewed aromatic hops used for this Page 24 Hildegarde Amber Reserve. The set evokes roasted cereal grains, citrus and red fruits. Some reminder notes as licorice. The whole is accompanied by a nice bitterness that asserts the As of tasting. A beautiful amber beer with surprising flavors!

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