Page 24 Blonde 75cl review

Brasserie Saint Germain (Beer)

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Page 24 Blonde 75cl

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If it is a beer brewery Saint Germain that needs no introduction, it is this Page 24 Blonde! Winning multiple times at the Concours General of the Agriculture Fair in Paris (2008, 2011), this beer continues to enjoy the last few years of French beer lovers. Page 24 The fair is thus a French beer in the glass that offers a slightly dark blond dress, topped with a beautiful persistent white foam. The nose is finely hopped result of a subtle blend of hops during the design of beer. Malt is also felt. On the palate, the attack gives way to relatively mild hops same notes and cereal, accompanied by honeyed keys. A work of craftsmanship. Thus, this beer represents what is done best in the field of traditional French beers. For even more sensation, feel free to try the Page 24 Hildegarde Blonde!

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