Nogne Ø 500 50cl review

Nøgne Ø Brewery (Beer)

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Nogne Ø 500 50cl

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Ø The Nogne # 500 is a Norwegian beer IPA type created by the most influential countries of the brewery, Nogne Ø. For this, key figures have quickly established for the composition of it. Indeed; 5 malts, 5 different hops, 10% alcohol and 100 IBU, have been chosen to create this famous beer, characteristic of the 500th brewing Nogne brewery. The result is a rich, hoppy IPA incredibly. Particularly fruity, this Norwegian beer will surprise you but mostly fill you up. What an achievement for a beer which was to be the basis brewed just for the occasion. The brewery of Norway Nogne Ø currently is part of the top 50 of the best breweries in the world. It was established that when the brewery Nogne Ø would arrive at its 500th brewing beer, a new beer had to be created.

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