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Brasserie Du Mont Blanc (Beer)

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Blanche Du Mont Blanc

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Blanche Mont Blanc or the freshness of your winter vacation available in the bottle on Beer Flavor! The recipe for the White Mont Blanc is inspired brewing traditions of the Leuven region in Belgium, where villages and Hoegaarden Tienen is. Indeed, as the white beers of this region, the white Mont Blanc is brewed on the basis of barley malts, soft wheat, and hops while coriander seeds and lemon peel are added at its design. This beer has a very slight cloudiness, classic for this kind of product. This is due to the presence in the bottle of suspended yeast residues from the fermentation in the bottle This white beer of the Mont Blanc Brasserie is a beer pale yellow in color tending towards white which gives off spicy and fruity aromas coriander and citrus. Notes indicating the presence of wheat are also noticeable. We find aromas on the palate with pronounced flavors of citrus and coriander. Serve between 8 and 9 ° C if you wish to leave its aromas to express themselves better. A bronze medal at the Concours Général Agricole beer of 2011 in France.

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