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Mikkeller Tiger Baby

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Brewed by Mikkeller brewery, this is Tiger Baby American Pale Ale with the particularity to have been brewed for the release of a album of the famous Danish group Tiger Babby. The composition of this beer also surprised as mango and passion fruit were added during the brewing process. The result is a superb light beer tasting! This Danish beer adorns dune amber color slightly troubled dominated by a fine beige foam. The nose, very fruity, highlights flavors dorange, citrus, mango and peach. A caramel peak is also felt. In the mouth, these are exotic fruits that explode on offense leading gradually to a powerfully hoppy and bitter end. The Tiger Baby face made dOVNI in the range of Mikkeller beers. Nevertheless, Mikkeller Its Alive Lychee reminds us that the famous Danish brewery nen is not to blow his Dessai concerning the use of fruits during the brewing!

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