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Mikkeller Monks Brew

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The Monks Brew or lhommage the brewery Mikkeller large Belgian Trappist beers. Indeed, this beer has been brewed in order to remind the biggest Belgian beers, including the famous Westvleteren 12 repeatedly elected best beer in the world. The challenge was, now see the result: Thus, this dark beer has a beautiful color with red highlights. This saccompagne dune slightly beige and well persistent foam. The nose is reminiscent of both the candied fruit, including figs and finely brioche aspects. Mouth, powerful in attack, superbly highlights the flavors of candied fruit and caramel. The long finish is equally impressive. A great beer! As often with Mikkeller this Monks Brew is a total success. Lovers who want to go further can they taste the Monks Brew Barrel Aged, aged incredible version was red wine!

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