Mikkeller Barrel Aged Tequila 375ml review

Mikkeller (Beer)

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Mikkeller Barrel Aged Tequila 375ml

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Denmark Mikkeller exception of beer or tequila and whiskey are associated é é es for perfect balance and flavors in & eacute say.
Origin: DanemarkLe
name "Mikkeller" comes from the contraction of one of the first names and one of the names of its two founders: Mikkel Borg Bjergso and Kristian Klarup Keller. These two young Danish Brewers fans have decided to leave their kitchen to create a real brewery in 2006. A victim of their success, they are catapulted best brewery of Denmark and fifth best brewery in the world. Their challenge is to create new increasingly innovative beers, even extreme. In 2007, Kristian leaves Mikkel decides to continue the journey. Since that time he has chosen to be itinerant brewer, without a fixed installation. Brewery brewing worldwide, Mikkel develops recipes more original, pushing ever further the extreme. The Mikkeller Beer Barrel Aged Tequila is a beer with powerful aromas of chocolate, vanilla and whiskey. Tequila brings peppery and lemony aromas. The assembly is balanced, we perceive both whiskey and tequila. In the mouth it is tequila that dominates but chocolate still present along with vanilla and coffee. The finish is powerful and very bitter. To fully enjoy this beer, an open time is required.

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