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Brouwerij Maximus (Beer)

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Maximus Stout 6

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BasBrasserie MaximusLa Stout 6 comes from the Brasserie Maximus. At the tasting, we particularly appreciate its aromas of coffee and roasted malt.
Level: 6 °
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-BasLa Stout 6 comes from the Brasserie Maximus moved to Utrecht in the Netherlands. Nice toasted and chocolate notes found in the nose. At the tasting, we appreciate its coffee and roasted malt flavors before finishing on a nice bitterness. Successful stout which should attract more than one! La Brasserie: La Brasserie Maximus is a young Dutch brewery based in Utrecht. She walks in the footsteps of his predecessor De Molen who started the revolution of craft beers in the Netherlands!

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