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Brouwerij Van Steenberge (Beer)

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Leute Bokbier

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Belgium Brewery Van Steenberge brown Belgian beer with aromas of malt and fruit character é é e ris by malt savaeurs & eacute es caram & eacute lily & eacute es.
Capacity: 33cl
Origin: Belgium
 Van Steenberge brewery is based in Ertvelde Belgium. It mainly produces high fermentation beer (70% of production). This is the only still active brewery in Meetjesland. Brewery Van Steenberge focuses on the art of brewing adapted to technological developments and guarantees quality and impeccable service. Respect for employees and the environment are at the heart of management. Leuke Bokbier beer has a dark amber brown robe topped by a thick foam. On the nose, aromas of malt and fruit, particularly cherries, are revealed. On the palate, it is characterized by malty and fruity flavors caramelized.

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