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Karmeliet Triple

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Triple Karmeliet beer is one of the classic Belgian beers. According to the brewery, the recipe used is the same since 1679, at the time, the Karmeliet was then produced in the Carmelite monastery in Dendermonde. High fermentation beer and fermented in the bottle, it already had at the time the distinction of being produced from three cereals: barley, wheat and oats. This is also its ingredients it takes its name. At the tasting, this Belgian beer has a golden blond color and a creamy head. The nose is both refined and complex. We thus find the notes of vanilla and banana own yeast used mixed with citrus flavors of hops Styrians. On the palate, it is the different cereals that are expressed then first associated with Styrian hopped keys. Texture, both dry and creamy makes deliciously balanced Tripel Karmeliet. So that it can best develop its aromatic complexity, Karmeliet glass 25 cl or 50 cl is also available!

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