Kapuziner Weissbier 50cl review

Kulmbacher (Beer)

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Kapuziner Weissbier 50cl

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The Kapuziner Weissbier beer is a wheat beer type "Weissbier", a beer brewed with malt made at least 50% wheat. This type of beer is probably one of the most refreshing in the world! Amber color, Kapuziner Weissbier has a light touch and a specific taste that comes from malted wheat and the special yeast used for brewing. This is what gives it a fruity touch, tropical, pleasant. This little sweetness makes it soft palate. The taste has hints of exotic fruits and slightly lemony. Its fruity aromas give way quickly to notes of lovely grain. It is brewed by the Kulmbacher brewery in Bavaria, lAllemagne region famous for its tributes to the world of beer and Quà the ancestral tradition of celebrating beer.

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