Jenlain Or 250ml review

Brasserie Duyck (Beer)

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Jenlain Or 250ml

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Behind this beautiful bottle and the name harbinger of good things hide a meticulous search and selection. Malts and hops used in the brewing of Jenlain were chosen among all for their olfactory and gustatory quality to give us the treasure of Duyck brewery. The color is blonde, bright and clear thanks to the very fine bubbles. The foam is perfectly white and lasts throughout the tasting. The nose reveals floral and fruity notes, the yeast Jenlain giving incredible aromatic touch. On the palate, perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness moving from one to the other with ease. The bitterness in the aftertaste remains without attacking the palace as the generous taste of this blonde character. A nice beer tasting we moved Duyck brewery to taste, nothing to spoil in his glass Jenlain Or course.

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