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Guinness (Beer)

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Guinness Draught

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While it is certainly the most famous Irish beer is no introduction, quickly discover his sis, Guinness Draught! Version can of the famous Guinness beer in this very special technology will allow you to find you, you are fond of Guinness as the pump. In fact, Guinness has developed a technology that will increase the pressure of the beer at the opening of the can and guarantee a foam worthy of the best tap pressure and excitement at the height of this exceptional beer. Once the bobbin open beer poured into your glass, you find the dress with opaque black of your traditional Guinness, accompanied as usual by his inimitable hat and beige compact foam. Emerge from this set of soft roasted malt aromas evoking cocoa, coffee, dried fruit and roasted grain. On the palate similar to those seen in the nose flavors, with a sweetness that is balanced with the strong flavors of roasting. Guinness taste this, it is choosing one of the best Irish Stouts!

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