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Alken Maes (Beer)

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Grimbergen Triple

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Maes Beer Belgian abbey to dress the blonde cuivr & eacute e, nose dé gageant powerful aromas of caramel and orange
Capacity: 33cl
Level: 9 °
Origin: Belgium
 Abbey Grimbergen is situated north of Brussels. It was erected in 1128 by the Norbertine. During its history, the abbey was sacked and looted often but was rebuilt each time. The emblem of the abbey is a phoenix, as you can see on the labels of bottles of Grimbergen beer. The range of beers Grimbergen Abbey belongs to Alken-Maes brewery. Grimbergen Optimo is an abbey beer with a coppery blond dress topped by a white and persistent foam. The nose powerful aromas of caramel and orange. In the mouth, this abbey beer reveals beautiful flavors of malt, spices and hops to finish on a slightly dry finish.

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