Grimbergen Double Ambrée review

Alken Maes (Beer)

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Grimbergen Double Ambrée

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The double Grimbergen is a Belgian beer called Abbey. It is brewed by Maes Breweries, in partnership with the Abbey of Grimbergen in the north of Brussels. Brown with glowing reflections, the double Grimbergen is a top-fermented beer brewed using malt doses twice as high as her blonde CONSUR. It is this characteristic that it owes its dark color and its name. This Grimbergen nose of malt and fruity aromas. Thus we find aromas evoking caramel, grapes, citrus fruits and plum. Spicy notes are also noticeable. It appears just as sweet and malty palate. The flavors of caramel brings the whole a malted roundness accompanying fruity notes of raisins, roasted beans and spices. The bitterness is almost imperceptible and the whole is relatively mild and well balanced. Burns but does not consume themselves is the motto of the Abbey of Grimbergen founded in 1128 in a small village in the north of Brussels. She was repeatedly burned but each time rebuilt, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. The dark beer is perfect with beef meat.

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