Green Flash Double Stout 355ml review

Green Flash Brewery (Beer)

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Green Flash Double Stout 355ml

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With this Double Stout, the Green Flash Brewery US revisits the old recipes of the 19th English stout. Halfway therefore between the European and US style stout, brewers have made the best of both worlds to offer us a premium quality beer. As laccoutumée with this kind of beer, the dress is deep black. This is topped dune beautiful dark beige foam, creamy and imposing. The nose is complex, first dominated by roasted notes of coffee and chocolate. Then very subtly appear black fruits such as grapes or plums. Mouth, unctuous, is also dominated by beautiful chocolate flavors. This stout is very well balanced and alcohol is not very noticeable. In the end, the American beer unveil all its power and complexity by a day or the sun does not necessarily wish to manifest.

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