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Fût Page 24 Triple 5L

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Page 24 Triple Blonde is a pale ale guard, handcrafted and not pasteurized before bottling. This powerful measuring 7. 9 ° beer is both refreshing and strong. She was voted Gold Medal at the Concours Général Agricole of Agricultural Show in Paris in 2009. This Page 24 Triple is brewed with raw materials and finished products from agriculture of Nord-Pas-de-Calais , which allows the beer to be certified en'Or the flavor label. It is becoming more flavored with hops of Flanders and is not pasteurized before bottling. It has a golden yellow color and dress is adorned with a beautiful white and persistent foam. This unlocks light aromas of grain and malt alcohol with a tip. On the palate, the flavors develop with more presence than flavorings. We discover fruity flavors of hops carried by beautiful notes of malts. The whole is accompanied by a lingering bitterness that contrasts with the initial sweetness. Alcohol remains discreet and gives the whole a significant harmony. Warning: This product is a barrel of 5 liters Standard that do not have integrated valve. Beer can not get that using only a beer printer through the opening on top of the barrel. Nevertheless, even with Page 24 Triple without machines use is also sold on our site, to access click on the following link: Drum 5 liters Standard SPI - Page 24 Triple

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