Fût Jenlain Ambrée Fontaine Spi 5L review

Brasserie Duyck (Beer)

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Fût Jenlain Ambrée Fontaine Spi 5L

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Created in 1922, this high fermentation beer is renowned Brasserie Duyck. Grading 7, 5% vol PED. It is not pasteurized and is composed of 3 different malts Dorges from major French plains and 3 varieties of hops from dAlsace. It is the roasted malt gives it its beautiful amber color and a large part of its aromas. Its long persistence keeps its generous long aftertaste. With its bouquet of flavors dautomne malty aromas of flowers and caramel, cooked fruit (prunes advanced), and slightly roasted malts, it is ideal for cooking all kinds of dishes. These qualities have earned him the Merit Diploma and National Prestige awarded in 1993 by the Committee of France and the French Committee of the Good Taste, and recently the General Agricultural Competition, Bronze Medal 2011. Drum with integrated tap to shoot free beer pump or printer.

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