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Enghien (Beer)

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Double Enghien Blonde

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La Brasserie de Silly Founded in 1850, the Silly Brewery is a craft brewery located in Silly, Belgium, in the province of Hainaut. In 1947, the activity of the brewery takes over the farm. It produces as high fermentation beers like Grisette, Saison and Scotch. In 1950 it sells its first pils. In 1975 she bought the brewery Tennstedt Decroes in Enghien, allowing it to add Double Enghien to its range of beers. The research efforts of this independent family business then lead to the creation of the white beer Titje (1990) and Green and Pink Killer beers Killer.Une Belgian secular tradition perpetuated today by the 5th generation and unanimously hailed for its beers high quality. BELGIAN BEER AND BALANCED FRESH

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