De Dolle Extra Export Stout review

De Dolle Brouwers (Beer)

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De Dolle Extra Export Stout

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The Extra Export Stout De Dolle Brouwers is a Belgian stout, which takes us to dark stouts country! With 50 IBU, it takes a stout black dress, it can not tolerate light passes through it. He watches, fine white foam cap drawn on top. He sends the strong flavors of chocolate and cocoa, gently, as if on velvet. roasted coffee flavors on the palate are coming, and they are reinforced by the strong carbonation of beer, very soft, which brings us a creamy texture leaving persist all the complexity of his notes. A success, which also comes from the very relevant choice of ingredients, the mixture of roasted malts, malt chocolate. . . And black candy! The brewery De Dolle is a Belgian brewery, which has to its credit of very great successes with 100/100 rated beers on RateBeer and a beer mix rated beyond 90!

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