Dark Horse Scotty Karate 355ml review

Dark Horse (Beer)

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Dark Horse Scotty Karate 355ml

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For all those who do not know, Scotty Karate is an emeritus Player Country Punk, something of a local legend in Michigan. Just like the latter, this Scotty Karate Scotch Ale is a powerful and generous, a form of homage to 9, 75% from Dark Horse! This American beer is adorned in the glass of a dark amber color almost brown with beautiful red highlights. It is accompanied by a fine and creamy foam. On the nose, there is the slightly roasted malt and licorice. The mouth, ample and generous, opens smoke and woody flavors with caramel and candied fruit. The final is on the slightly burnt caramel. This dark horse if she has the gift of disconcerting compared to other beers in the range, will still appeal to other specialists who love Scotch Ales.

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