Dark Horse Crooked Tree Ipa 355ml review

Dark Horse (Beer)

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Dark Horse Crooked Tree Ipa 355ml

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Often against the current of what is happening in the world of Craft in the United States, the American brewery Dark Horse returns this time with the Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA. This complex and refreshing beer is the fruit of a desire Brewers: Submit a malty IPA less than most of its counterparts overseas: Match Won! This American beer discloses a dress that immediately impresses, amber with orange highlights, topped by an average white foam. On the nose, it is obviously the hops that are taking over with notes of pine, citrus and even a floral touch. Mouth, light and bright, is very drinkable. The fruity flavors of lemon and grapefruit mix it perfectly, resulting in a powerful dry bitterness. Very dry and very refreshing, this Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA is surely an IPA like you've never tasted!

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