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Brasserie Daas (Beer)

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Daas Ambré

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Daas Ambré is a complex Belgium beer Amber Ale type. It contains solid aroma, soft caramel and malt flavour and a slightly bitter end. The second fermentation takes place in the bottle, where through a natural process it will get matured and carbonated.
Daas Ambré is a certified beer without gluten. An advanced process of gluten elimination that maintains all beer flavours intact.

Its elaboration is based in organic Barley malt, originating a beer with its characteristic amber colour with compact foam. It has toasted malt aroma and matured fruits, with caramel, butter and floral hop notes. In taste, it is equilibrated in malt, vanilla and red fruit flavours It has a slightly gasificated body, with a rounded bitter end.

Due to its dense body, it is perfect for meat stews, especially lamb, veal and white meat stews,
Proof: 6.5º
Recommended cup: Tulip shaped cup.

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