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Brooklyn Sorachi Ace 75cl

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States Brooklyn Brewery Beer Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is a seasonal beer, brass & eacute e from a Japanese hops, "Sorachi Ace".
Capacity: 75cl
Origin: USA
STEVEN Hindy, a former war correspondent, are not finding happiness in the production of beer made in the USA decided in 1984 to start his own brewery in the district of Brooklyn. It will be one of the actors of the success of craft beers in the USA. These beers are grouped under the name "Craft Beer Beer" which ateste of limited production, the traditional method of use and the quality of ingredients. The brewery publishes outstanding beers that have found their audience in the US, then in the rest of the world. It is rich and fragrant than conventional American beer. In 1993 the brewery recruited the famous Garrett Oliver, now considered one of the best of traditional beer brewer in the world. Most Brooklyn beers are brewed with more hops varieties. As a chef with the spices, the Brooklyn Brewery seeking the best quality of each hop, and create a harmony of flavors and aromas. There are a few years, the brewmaster Garrett Oliver discovered a single hop of a kind. A large brewery Japanese had developed this variety "Sorachi Ace" in 1988. Between British hops "Brewer's Gold" and Czech "Saaz" he had an unexpected quality. The unique flavor of the hops has been neglected by master brewers, but the Brooklyn Brewery decided to use it to create the Brooklyn Sorachi Ace. Most Brooklyn beers are available only for a short period of the year, but it rained so much that the brewery decided to propose to the year by providing star treatment. Beer Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is a seasonal beer brewed from a Japanese hops, Sorachi Ace 'and a Belgian yeast. A second addition of Sorachi Ace is performed post-fermentation, which enhances the aromas of lemongrass and lemon zest. The malt used, of German origin, imparts a depth outstanding finish. It is said that this beer tastes like sunshine. Awards: -Médaille gold at the World Beer Championships in 2011 - Silver Medal at the Australian International Beer Awards in 2011

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